A Parisian Affair

Sitting on the banks of the River Seine with a steaming cup of hot chocolate that evening, just as the sparkling lights of the Eiffel Tower came on, we knew we’d fallen in love with Paris… all over again!

Times Square – The Place to Be!

The magnetic feel and energy of the place, while being a ‘nobody’ lost in the crowd, was so intense that the absence of human communication was not missed.

A timeless classic!

Mystical Moors of the Scottish Highlands

Winding roads, stone houses emitting a fiery glow from within and the wild serenity trapped within the moor enticingly welcomed me to the realms of Scotland – the land of Vikings!

Sun & Sand … Seychelles

The idyllic beachy paradise I so passionately desired was right here – Seychelles!

The magical realm of picturesque beauty indeed!