Résumé at 16?

In the eyes of a recruiter, with a professional resume, even a fresh graduate is ready to take on the world!

But why make a resume?

Is Maslow Wrong Today?

Catering to intrinsic requirement is not on the corporate agenda!

Then again, perhaps keeping employees on the edge fuels a sadistic need for domination?

Unforgiven at Christmas

The bleeding had stopped, but the veins now begun to dry.

Ethan knelt to kiss the mangled forehead for the last time. His mistake was unforgivable.

“Split that by two, please!”

“Hey waiter,” I say, “I’d like to start with the appetizers. Can I have a hot-n-sour soup?

And yeah, split that by two, please!”

Can I Move Mountains?

Altruism is the caveat we prescribe ourselves when we realize the scales of greed have tipped over, in the face of our consumerist existence.

But how did this happen?

Is Road Rage Worth It?

Blaring horns, swerving vehicles and narrow escapes are, for reasons unknown to mankind, the very epitome of us mutating into an adrenaline-pumped movie character.

A Man among Men

To be the person whose reassuring presence is enough to calm the nerves, or the diabolical shadow of a man whose name alone makes a woman tingle with desire is not everyone’s cup of tea.