Unforgiven at Christmas

Ethan walked over to the dimmed Christmas tree and placed the naked present on the ground. As he stepped away from the moonlit pane, his retreating shadow revealed a shiny black Mustang scaled down to one-eighteenth of the original. It wasn’t the battery operated one Laythan had asked for, and it certainly wasn’t the colour he wanted.

A dark red stain now adorned the roof of the American muscle.

He retraced his steps through the narrow corridor and stopped outside the second door on the right. A familiar aroma punctured his nasal cavity and his mind was immediately put to ease. It belonged to him once, the bedroom. Now, sprawled on the floor was a woman with three gaping cavities in her lead-ridden chest. This is exactly what he had planned.

And Mummy Blunt would never cheat on him again.

But a second body, mercilessly ridiculed with bullets, lay collapsed by the stove. The bleeding had stopped, but the veins now begun to dry.

Ethan Blunt knelt to kiss the mangled forehead for the last time. He’d made one unforgivable mistake tonight.

And young Laythan would never see the shiny black Mustang.


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