“Split that by two, please!”

“We regret to inform you that your application does not meet the requirements.” Another stupid rejection! That’s okay. My inbox is flooded with a gazillion of those but I’m still hitting ‘apply’ for almost every possible vacancy in every possible field. Strategic planning for a Dairy Farm doesn’t really make sense to me, but who cares? Something, somewhere, somehow, sometime and someone would want me to be an asset to their organization, right?

“Sir, may I take your order?” “I’ll have the regular, thank you.” She paused, smiled and then brought my whole world crashing down. The insanely, deliciously yummylicious Vanilla Caramel Latte was no longer available! Apparently it’s a drink specific to the ‘season’. How on earth am I ever going to get any work done?

That was a month ago. Today, I am sitting on my bed, blogging and applying simultaneously. No, the absence of the latte is not responsible for my situation, but the absence of payday is! Bleeding my hard-earned savings bit by bit had kept me going for a while now, but this was the time to turn into an absolute miser. Now, I fold my money in half and put it into my pocket. It feels like double the amount!

Securing a job had reached a whole new level now – desperate!

There are two reasons I don’t hang out with friends anymore. My employed and earning friends like to party every weekend. I find it lame! “What an absolute waste of money” I think. And then, if that wasn’t enough, to add to the conspicuous agony of being ‘jobless’, my sympathetic and concerned acquaintances always made it a point to remember and ask me the same question every time we met, “How’s the hunt coming along?” Believe me when I say this, “What painful blow to the self-esteem”. Ouch!

They simply don’t get it now, do they?

Oh! By the way, I am meeting some friends for dinner tomorrow. Friends I accept to go to dinner with. Hanging out with like-minded people involves going to a fast-food restaurant or a similar joint that’s easy on the wallet. That makes a lot more economic sense that blowing money on stupid partying every weekend.

That was a really restaurant my friends picked out last night. I really should bring my partner here who also just happens to be unemployed. It would certainly be a refreshing change for the both of us. I’m sure she would love the ambience, the music and the Chinese cuisine.

“Hey waiter,” I say, “I’d like to start with the appetizers. Can I have one hot-n-sour soup? And yeah, split that by two, please!”


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