Late for Work? Change this!

There is nothing more terrifying than waking up in the morning to an dirty sink, a trashed living room or the staunch of last nights’ Chinese takeaway wafting through the air. I looked at the stack of papers resting dangerously on the edge of my oak desk and promised myself it would be sorted the instant I came back that night.

Skipping breakfast was not the ideal scenario, but with a fridge full of expired ingredients in sight, my gastronomic interiors didn’t have much of a choice. Ten minutes and a quick scrub later, I locked the door behind me dreading my habitual tardiness would once again get me into trouble.

That was two years ago!

Even as a young adult then, I often found myself scavenging on leftovers and cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Today, I have matured – a little more systematic, a tad more organized and definitely well-prepared. I run through the morning grind like clockwork, complete with a workout, shower and shave. Ten minutes of planning the night before opens up time in the a.m. to cook a healthy breakfast, pack lunch and catch up on emails or the latest news. Add a professional attire and man purse (it’s called a satchel!) to complete the look, and I’m raring to go!

Drastic changes? Not quite, especially since I still live in the same apartment, shop in the same places and hang out with the same people. But the conscious effort to be organized has paid dividends not just during the morning rush, but even at the workplace. And saying no to a ‘night out’ is excruciatingly difficult at first, I admit, but that is the opportunity cost for a good nights’ sleep.

In retrospect, the two versions of the ante meridian routine portray a juxtaposed image of the same adult who made one firm, yet simple choice – to grow up. All one had to do, was to stop being a young man, and mature into a young adult who takes charge of his life.

Should you, then, continue living as a bachelor, replete with weekday parties and run late the next day, or as the established adult who exists in a structured environment and is the master of his universe?


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