How to Create Your Masterpiece!

Every artist pines for the moment when he painfully scripts that masterpiece. A work of art so elegant, surreal and reflecting of the artists’ true nature, that he feels his purpose is now complete. Anything else he was to create would be but a lackluster combination of words or musical notes, incomparable to his finest creation, into which the very aura of his existence were materialistically personified.

His original masterpiece!

Hypothetically speaking, each setting sun grows us more desperate and fraught with the sheer thought of departing unfulfilled. Frantic at first, we soon recognize the faults in our stars are but the inability and naivety of our peripheral visions. Cocooned in the security of our lives, we rarely realize our true calling, for only in the fields of uncertainty and our innate expertise could we dare to create our masterpiece. Ill-fated as it may sound, we wait years, decades and sometimes until the bottom of our nest egg before we dare. To do something different!

If it has to the perfect symphony, and is didactically appealing to the senses, why wait until the grave beckons? A few gutted efforts in the early years would not just tap into our passionate faculties, albeit a trickle, but significantly enough, to present us with an opportunity to nurture.

A few hours a week is all we would take to realize that the mechanical corporate jobs we are submersed in is not what we were born for. The power of the mind and its volatile imaginative fury can certainly not be encompassed in a 4 x 4 cubicle, or on the Cambrian fonts of paper. Our post-evolutionary cognitive designs were genuinely fabricated to think, foresee and imagine, and yet as we celebrate liberalization and free will, we remain confined to the assembly lines of Henry Ford.

I dream of being creating my masterpiece, and spending hours at coffee shops with my laptop. Spending all my money on latte’s and satchels is the ideal life I would dare imagine for myself. And maybe you’d never get to read anything I write, and in all likelihood, you may never pay me for my lexical capabilities.

But at least I dared!

And someday, I believe, I’ll create my original masterpiece!


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