Greedy, are you?

Naïve moi believed that he who dies with the most toys wins. But concurrently, if we shift our gaze to the other side of the coin, the Average Joe strutting nonchalantly whilst collecting toys, seems to have lost his moralistic approach along the way. The prima facie definition of greed – ‘excessively desirous nature of acquiring or possessing’ – virtually succeeds to conceal the clandestine depravity of the cardinal sin. But one look into Uncle Sam’s pocket reinforces the hellish imbalance of the scales held by the questionable Lady Justice. And sadly enough, the burden of greed far outweighs the others.

But greed itself is not blameworthy; just as one can’t blame chocolates for being devilishly sinful. Alas, it is the characteristics and traits of the rich and greedy that merit the rise and collapse of the middle-earth civilization. In the words of Friedrich Engels, “sheer greed was the driving spirit of civilization” and countless testimonials valiantly support his claim. It is the greed for power, money and success which gave us Branson and Trump. Not to forget the Ambani’s – with their $2 billion dollar home. Greed is not just a trait, but a revered inheritance that runs in the Rockefeller’s bloodline, thus cementing their position as one of the most powerful families in American history.

Extrinsically, money makes the world go round, but intrinsically, it is greed that fuels our economy and its selfish ambitions. As mere mortals, adopting the vices and channelling it in our favour could, would and should propel us towards an arm’s length of greatness.


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